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Public Documents

As is the case with any project of its scale and scope, the Champlain Hudson Power Express will undergo regulatory reviews conducted by a variety of federal and state agencies and authorities. In order to facilitate effective public participation in these reviews, the Public Documents Section of this website will provide access to key public documents filed or issued in the context of the regulatory process. Other relevant documents may be found at agency websites and at dedicated websites that may be required as a part of a particular process.

Federal Review
U.S. government agencies will issue a number of federal permits and approvals for the Project. The Department of Energy issues a Presidential Permit for electric transmission facilities that connect at the international border, and the Army Corps of Engineers issues permits for activities that implicate the navigable waters of the United States and related infrastructure. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will be asked to grant CHPEI the authority to sell transmission rights at negotiated rates. Review by all of these agencies will be informed by and predicated on a full review of the Project's environmental impacts pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act. More information can be found at:

New York Review
New York State places responsibility for permitting the portions of the Project within the State squarely with the Department of Public Service, and, following a thorough review of all aspects of the Project, the five-member Public Service Commission (PSC) will determine through the issuance of a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need the terms and conditions under which the Project may be constructed and operated. Other state agencies will perform review and/or permitting functions pursuant to laws relating to coastal zone management (Department of State), historic preservation (State Historic Preservation Officer), and storm water discharge management (Department of Environmental Conservation). In addition, the State Office of General Services will grant rights to use and occupy state underwater lands. As an electric corporation in New York, the operator of the Project will be regulated in certain respects pursuant to New York's Public Service Law, and the PSC will establish the scope of this regulation in response to a filed petition.

Independent System Operator Reviews
The reliability of the transmission system in New York is the responsibility of the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO). An interconnection application has been filed with the NYISO in connection with the Project, and technical studies will continue to be performed in the months ahead.